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DMCA – Online Copyright


DCMA compliance is a major thing these days, because there are so many lazy people out there who don’t like creating content.  Creating content is hard work.  It takes hours of research, tireless writing and dedication to the task at hand, so it can be rather frustrating to have someone come steal your content, then claim it as theirs.


Take Down Notice Period


We are DCMA registered and take copyright control seriously.  Should we find out that the content we have posted is being used on your site, we will politely ask you to take it down.  You will have a 72 hour window of opportunity to do so.

The 72 hour notice covers weekends.


Next steps after 72 hour notice


Should you not have complied with our notice to remove the offending content, we will approach the DCMA board and lay a formal charge against you.

You will then have another opportunity to remove the offending content within 7 working days before criminal charges are laid against you for copyright infringement.


Copy & Paste Disabled


In order to prevent unauthorized use of our work, we have disabled the ability to copy and paste on our website.  If there is anything you would like to have, please send us a written request and we will happily supply a draft copy of any content you like.


Infringement on


If you have created content some time before our posting of a piece, and you feel that we have infringed on your material, please provide sufficient proof that we have copied your material.  (complete with screenshot, link to the content, date published, author and full contact details)

We abide by the law and will remove any offending copy immediately. We will forward proof as well as a written letter of apology within 24 hours.


We appreciate your feeback on any of the material we create and share here, so, please, feel free to comment and let us know what you think.


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