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13 Low Impact Workouts to Improve Your Mood

13 Low Impact Workouts to Improve Your Mood

Do you spend a lot of time on the couch?  Do you get little aches and pains?  Do you get sick more often than not?  There is a simple remedy that will cure you of most of these little annoyances.

Take up a sport and sweat it out!  We’ve compiled a list of 13 low impact workouts to improve your mood.


Everyone needs to move, so we thought we would give you some low impact options to pursue.

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  • Cycling
    • Cycling is a great way to do some low impact cardio, whether you do it indoors or on the road.  Just be sure to add sprints into the mix
  • Dancing
    • Dancing is awesome for any age group, it helps improve flexibility and your cognitive abilities
  • Gardening
    • Getting your hands dirty, fresh air and working up a sweat in the garden is a great way to spend time outdoors
  • Golfing – DIY (without the cart or caddie)
    • This is a DIY Golfing trip buddy!  Do it all yourself to get the best benefits from this one
  • Housework
    • Get the mop out, sweep the floor, move the furniture, polish the floor, vacuum, these are all good for working up a sweat
  • Running
    • Run on the spot, on a treadmill, a track or on the road, take it easy and don’t do it for prolonged periods, 30 mins – max
  • Low-impact aerobics
    • Aerobics are another good way of getting a workout in a low impact way, different moves require different muscles
  • Tennis
    • All the stretching and sprints to get to the ball, offer an awesome way to get a workout
  • Squash
    • Similar to tennis, but at a much faster pace than tennis, squash is another great way to get a workout
  • Swimming
    • Swimming involves just about every muscle in your body, so it is a great exercise for an all-body workout
  • Walking
    • Talk about low impact!  Walking happens to be a great way to keep fit, but you need to do quite abit of it to see any noticeable results
  • Yard work
    • Similar to housework, sweep the driveway, mow the lawn, rake the leaves or whatever else requires some movement
  • Pilates or Yoga
    • I never thought of these as a workout until I tried some of the moves.  If you’ve never tried it,  try doing planks for a minute, then you’ll see what I am talking about.

So, do you see something you do quite often without even thinking about it?  I bet you see at least two!  Well, now you know, you are getting a bit of a workout without putting too much effort into thinking about what you should do and improving your mood to boot.

All you need to do now, is give it more gusto each time you do any of these 13 low impact workouts.

Got anything to share?  Leave a comment below and we’ll happily share.

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